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Why and how you should replace motivation for discipline

Does the following scenario seem familiar?

You see a really inspiring video on Instagram or Facebook on how to become more healthy, change your life, and live the life you have always wanted.
You think to yourself: “This is it! I will finally pull through and workout 5 times a week AND eat healthy! No sugar, low-fat and a lot of exercise! Here I go!”

You are super motivated, and that is great! You buy all the right things and follow all the right people. You might even spend a lot of money on a personal trainer or other programmes to help you reach your goals. 

3 week later (if even that long) the motivation is gone! You had a really tough day at work and a huge craving for unhealthy food. 

We have all been there – AND still go there from time to time!

This is when you need to replace motivation with discipline, and trust me – it will change your life! 

If you choose to say NO to your cravings and self-pity and YES to commitment, you can manage to change your life! 

It is that simple! 

I am not saying, that motivation is bad or that you should not be motivated – of course you should. Go ahead and watch all the motivation videos you want, and pin quotes on your “Motivational Board” on Pinterest. Motivation is great, but do not make the mistake of solely depending on it!

What a lot of people (including myself) lack these days is discipline. You need to believe in yourself and your goal. 

So how do you become more disciplined? 

Obviously is has to come from within. You cannot become more disciplined if you really do not want to! 

Yet, there are things you can do/train to become more disciplined:


Habits are sooooo extremely important in developing a sense of discipline. You need to start creating healthy habits for yourself and by living after these habits, you will eventually become more disciplined. 

Write down these habits and read them everyday!

Here are my habits that I developed in order to become more disciplined: 

  • Wake up at the same time everyday: This seems like an easy one, but trust me, when you hit the weekend, this is where you will teach yourself to develop discipline. It is a great way to start developing a bit more discipline and also get a lot more done throughout the day with the extra time no longer spend on snoozing!
  • Go to bed at the same time EVERYDAY: In relation to the above you should also practice going to bed at the same time everyday. Try to create an evening routine for yourself. This way you mind will be triggered to sleep mode, when you do your routine and you will not only fall a sleep easy but also feel great, because you stuck with something. 
  • Always take the stairs: Unless you work at the 20th floor you should promise yourself that you will never ever take the elevator. Try doing it for a month and see how many extra steps you will get in on a weekly basis. This is a great excercise, as your mind will almost always consider taking the elevator and when you tell yourself and your laziness “NO”. The same goes with taking the bike instead of the car to work. 
  • Make a food schedule AND stick with it: It is easy enough to create a meal plan for the week – much harder to actually stick with it after a hard day or a real hankering for pizza. But by consequenly saying “NO” you will teach yourself discipline. 

Create a social commitment

If you make a commitment to go running with a friend, this will definitely help you stay accountable and thereby also develop your sense of discipline. 

Me and my fiancé always run together (3 times a week) and we never skip, cause when one of us doesn’t want to go the other will most likely stay on track and pull the other one up and outside! 

Create a food diary

I personally don’t believe in counting calories, as I think it can create a really unhealthy relationship with food. I will not lie – I have tracked calories myself from time to time to reach a certain goal (fitting into my wedding dress for instance), but the important thing is that you cannot allow it to take over you whole life.

I do however, strongly advocate for making a food diary!

We all know that a big piece of brownie with ice cream is more unhealthy than a salad. By keeping a simple diary of what you eat and drink in a day, you will trigger your conscience, which will do the rest. 

It doesn’t have to take up a lot of your time, in contrast to counting calories, which is really time consuming.  

How is your discipline? Do you have any great tips to become more disciplined? 

Please share in the comment section below!

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