Hi, my name is Stephanie, and I help women improve their health, and their state of mind, to live a happier and awesome life!

Self-improvement is one of most important investments anyone can make! If we invest in our health and our mental well-being we automatically become better partners, colleagues, parents, friend and so on. By creating a mental and physical surplus you can be there for others!  

Throughout my teenage-years and the first half of my twenties I slowly started to loose myself. I ate unhealthy, did a minimum of exercise, dating guys that was not bringing any good into my life and all of a sudden I had not only gained a lot of weight, but also lost my self worth, my drive and myself! 

I decided, that this had to change! I wanted to become a better version of myself! Honestly, this sort of transformation cannot happen overnight, but this was the beginning of a long journey for me! 

Now, 5 years after I had that first original thought, I thank myself and the universe for where I am today. I managed to turn my life around. I exercise 5-6 times a week, mostly stick to a healthy diet, as a result I have lost some weight but more importantly, I feel great! The thing is, that once you start feeling better about yourself, you will have more energy to improve other things in your life. I quit my stressing job and went out and got a job I love at a company with great values, I have much more energy to see friends and family, I got engaged to the most incredible man, and I have increased my self worth from 0 to 100! 

I use to be extremely skeptical towards mindfulness and I was somewhat a negative person. If you are like I was, you have to realize, that this way of thinking gets you nowhere! Positivity, drive and mindfullness will change your life! 

This is why I made this blog! To inspire as many as possible to make a positive change in their lives, improve their self-worth, live longer and more healthier lives, and be better persons in general!

This journey of self-improvement is truly never-ending, and I will continue to share my experiences as I continue my own work. 

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