flowers on tree

Mindfulness tip of the week: Sense your senses

We are blessed with 5 senses: vision, hearing, smell, taste, and touch. These senses are an incredible tool to understanding the world, the people around us, as well as ourselves. Senses influence how we as humans make decisions.

Stop to smell the flowers ?

Did you know that there is actually an additional sense called Proprioception? Proprioception is how our brain deals with space. This is why we can for instance walk the stairs without looking at every single step. Another great example of the use of proprioception is the children’s game “Pin the donkey”, where your have to put the tail in the donkey with a blindfold on. People with poor proprioception can have a hard time with coordination and act clumsy.

Try focussing on one of the 6 senses for 5 minutes right now and see what you can notice!


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