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How to have to a perfect STAYCATION

Staycations are not a new phenomenon as such, but with the rise of covid-19 it has resurfaced the web.

A staycation is basically a fancy word for when you have a vacation at home. You can have a staycation for as many days as you like, and whenever you like – remember only you set the limits!

Why even have a staycation?

The term might seem a bit ridiculous at first, and you might think: “Why not just hang out at home and take it from there?” or “Can’t we just relax from home and have a nice time?”

Well the answer is of course: “yes, you can!”, but many of us tend to do the exact opposite. We tend to do housework, clean out our closets and kitchen kabinets and forget the part of actually relaxing.

We all know the feeling of total relaxation! It is one of the best feelings in the world.

This is the feeling we want to create at our home, but this is actually very contradicting, as our homes are not normally decorated to accommodate this feeling. Our homes are built around efficiency and our everyday lives, and filled with constant reminders of the things we should do.

In roder to have a relaxing staycation it is recommended to set some boundaries. Write they down: no housework, as little cooking as possible (depending on if you hate or love cooking), no meal plan, no waking up by alarm, etc.

Schedule you Staycation

It is really important that you write out the exact number of days you are on your staycation – just like if you were actually going away for a holiday. For example during our summer vacation of 2 weeks we had planned a 10 day staycation.

If you do not set any boundaries, the whole thing becomes a blur and you will end up doing house work instead of actually relaxing.


As in so many other aspects of life – the key to the perfect staycation is preparation.

Must-have preparations for the perfect staycation:

  • Clean: No one feels relaxed when they are thinking about all the things they should have cleaned. Clean everything – so that it is nice and comfy for your staycation.  
  • Buy all the stuff you need to make you feel luxurious: Buy face masks, candles, flowers, champagne – anything that screams luxury to you. 
  • Dont forget the small stuff: Borrow the book you want to read at the library, buy the magazine or crossword you enjoy doing. 
  • Plan what to do: Prepare what activities you want to do and schedule you vacation days accordingly. Book the hot yoga class you have been thinking about going to. Missing ideas for what to do? Don’t worry – I’ve got you covered below.  
  • Make a meal plan: one of the things I hate the most is horrible, repetitative food at mediocre resorts. Think about it! By going on staycation you can buy or make any food you want for every day of your staycation! Indulge in all the food you love!
  • Pamper yourself beforehand: Do you nails, your feet, shave your legs, use a spraytan – go all in! By taking care of ourselves beforehand – we will feel more confident.

Ideas for activities

Choose some activities depending on you liking. Think about what you will normally do on a regular vacation? If you enjoy laying at the beach then plan a lot of relaxing days. If you enjoy studying culture go to museums.

Here are my favourite ideas for activities on your staycation:

Go to museums

You finally have the time to visit all the exhibitions you want! Take advantage and really step into the world of art, history and culture!

“The crucial differences which distinguish human societies and human beings 

are not biological. They are cultural.” by Ruth Benedict.

Greek statue
Statue form Pompeii exhibition, Moesgaard Museum

Visit new beautiful places in nature

Do a quick google search on beautiful places in nature close to where you live! Trust me – you will be surprised how many there actually are!

Make a fun day out of visiting them and bring a picnic basket, so you can spend all day on the go!

If you live near a beach! Go to the beach if the weather is nice – do the exact same things you would do if you were on vacation.

Beauty is all around us – we just have to look for it!

Have an at home SPA day

Plan a whole day of relaxation just for you!

Have a foot bath, do your nails, do a face mask and a hair mask. If you have a tub – make a relaxing bath with rose pedels in the water and scented candles.
Do all the pampering you can think of!

Facemask to reduce enlarged pores

Go camping

Borrow a tent and take a biketrip out in nature. Camp out for a couple of days and experience naturen ?

Even though I normally prefer a luxury vacation, there is something special about living on the absolute basics. I find that by living minimalistic I appreciate all the good things in my life – especially the small stuff like my comfy pillow

Can you smell the s’mores yet?

Photo from our most recent camping trip this summer.

Make a dinner worthy of a Michelin star

Take advantage of the fact that you are at home and can cook anything our like! Make a 3 or even 5 course meal and go all in! Buy the perfect wine and make the most delicious dessert you can think of!

Have fun with cooking and make it a group activity!

Make sure you set the table and use all your best china!

Danish dish called: “Stjerneskud”/”Shooting star”

Play board / card games

We rarely play card games except when we are on vacation.

This is very much a holiday tradition for us, and it is a great way to spend soe quality time together not sitting in front of a screen.

We has a great staycation this summer, and the only thing I was missing was the warm weather of Southern Europe ?

Let me know if you have had a staycation! How did it go? Did you miss traveling?

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