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Gratitude Journal: How and Why it works!

Do you ever lie in bed focussing on all the stuff you haven’t done yet? Or all the people you haven’t had the time to be in contact with? Not being able to sleep because of worrying?

Many people (especially women) experience this sense of restlessness and anxious state og mind in the late evening hours.

By keeping a gratitude journal and writing in it everyday you can actually overcome these feelings and sleep better!

Being grateful is not some hocus pokus or marketing stunt created to blow your money. It is scientifically proven to benefit many aspects of your life.

How it works

You write in your gratitude journal EVERY DAY! You can choose any setup you like – the most important thing is, that you think about positive things that you are grateful of – not so much what has happened throughout the day. 

Let me make it really clear, that you do not need to be a religious person in order to keep a gratitude journal! You can thank a God, the Universe, Destiny or yourself – it doesn’t matter!

By acknowledging the good stuff in life and being grateful for them you will become a more positive and optimistic person over time.
Gratitude will help you appreciate what you have, the people around you, yourself, and help you evolve in the journey og life. 

Why it works

By being grateful and focusing on the good you are training your brain to be happier, and to focus on the positive throughout the day. By rewiring your brain to becoming more positive you activate the parts of your brain that are associated with dopamine (the hormone that makes us feel happy). 

Benefits from Gratitude Journaling:

There are many benefits to keeping a Gratitude Journal:

  • Better sleep: By going over your day and thinking positive thoughts right before bed you are much more likely to have a good nights sleep when you are not laying worrying about something that has happened or might happen tomorrow. 
  • Improved self-esteem: By acknowledging all the good things in our lives we automatically start acknowledging ourselves as well. After all – we have attracted all the good things into our lives. 
  • Strengthening of relationships: By simply considering your social interactions and relationships every day you will defineitly strengthen them. I for instance realized how much happiness, love, and kindness my fiancé gives me, which made me realize I have to appreciate him even more. The same goes for colleagues, family and friends. 
  • Push you towards your goals: By keeping a costant focus on your goals and analyzing how the day went according to your goals, you will be much more likely to suceed. For instance I strive to eat healthy. Every evening I do a quick mindscan of what I ate that day, and I feel happy if it was within my goals. 
  • Mindfulness: By being aware of our feelings throughout the day we can analyze them and acknowledge why we felt what we felt. If I for instance have had a horrible day, I accept that this day was not as good as it could have been, and I think about why this is the case and how it could be different. I don’t blame myself for having an off day – I simply acknowledge the feelings and try to focus on the positive things that has also happened that particular day – trust me – you can always find at least 3 positive things that has happened every single day! 

What journal to use?

There are 2 types of journals you can get to start your gratitude journey:

A Pre-Printed Gratitude Journal

A pre-printed Gratitude Journal is great if you want to focus on the same aspects every day.


  • Super quick to fill out, as it is all set up for you.
  • You have the same focus every day, which makes your journaling more consistent. 


  • Your are limited in spacing. If you feel like writing a lot one given day it is difficult because the pre-printed boxes are only “so”-big. 
  • Not much room for creativity. 

A Blank Gratitude Journal

A blank journal is perfect if your prefer a more creative approach to Gratitude Journalling.


  • Great way to unfold your creativity. 
  • You can write as little or as much as you need to the given day. 


  • Risking less consistency in your writing. 
  • Can be very time consuming which leaves you to the risk of not filling it out. 

What are your experiences keeping a Gratitude Journal?
Please share in the comment section below