path in forrest in spring

Get outside!

Simply being in nature has been scientifically proven to increase our mood and hold off depression. There is a ton of research on the matter showing the positive effects on your health by being outside.
People are the least happy when they are working and most happy when they are on vacation, with friends and family or outside. We are wired to be outside.

This is extremely interesting in todays society, where most of us spend close to half of the day in front of a desk and the rest in front of our TV or laptop when we get off work – myself included!

One day I was chocked! I suddenly realized, that I had spent the whole day inside, or in my car. No wonder I was in a crappy mood!
I went for a walk, and all of a sudden my bad mood was gone! I was feeling energized, my mind was clear again, and I was happy.

It is so easy to be caught up inside – especially when you live in an environment that cold, windy, or rainy 80% of the time ?

But keep in mind, that even though the couch can seem extremely comfortable when we arrive home from work – it will not make you feel better! Whenever you are feeling down, have a headache, feeling stressed, or simply feeling indifferent – go for a walk. You will experience a positive change in you mood (and health).

My favourite place to go for a walk is a forest nearby where I live (Riis Skov) – especially in spring, when all the leaves have just turned green.

Where is you favourite place to go for a walk?

Trying applying this mindfulness exercise when you go for your next walk!

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