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Creating and maintaining a Beauty Routine

Personal grooming is one of the best ways to feel great about yourself, and when you feel great you will look great! Of course confidence plays a huge part in looking beautiful, and in my opinion everyone is beautiful in their way ?

It can be overwhelming to maintain your personal grooming, and extremely time consuming.

So how do you create a beauty routine?

You cannot create a beauty routine over night and expect to stick with it every day!

Habits take time to create!

I struggled with creating good beauty habits at first. I was doing all sorts of different beauty tips, but none of them were really set habits, which made them insufficient. I decided I needed some set in stone beauty habits, that I was not allowed to break!

I have the habits written down in my calendar on my phone to help me stay accountable. 

Tip: Start by doing the absolute basic and then add to your routine as you go on. 

Write it down or print it out – just make sure your routine is visible to you – this will make it much easier to keep!

My Beauty Routine

My routine is pretty simple, but I found that having a simpler routine made it easier to actually stick with it. 

I hope my routine can inspire you to create your own.


The 2 most important habits are eating healthy, nutritious food with low levels of sugar and salt AND daily exercise. If you get these two down everyday you will see great results – trust me! Your skin will improve, your posture will improve and you will feel a new energy which will boost your overall look!

  • Shower: I shampoo every other day. 
  • Cleanser
  • Skintonic 
  • Serum
  • Eyecream & facecream 
  • Bodylotion
  • Makeup removal
  • Cleanser
  • Skintonic
  • Nightcream


  • Face mask: I use a facemask twice a week. I switch between sheet masks and regular masks. I always lie down for 15-20 minutes either in total silence or listening to calm music. This is such a great way to treat you skin as well as yourself to a little time of peace and quiet. 
  • Shaving: I shave my legs once or twice a week, which is sufficient for my hairtype (I have very light hair, as I am a natural blonde). If you feel the need to shave/wax more often, you obviously should.  
  • I clean all my makeup brushes and beauty blenders weekly. I change my beauty blenders every other day and brushes twice a week to keep those bacterias at bay. I know I should clean them after every single use, but honestly I don’t!


  • Nails: I do my own nails with gel-lack, so I only need to do them every other week. If you use regular polish you should at least fix up your nail polish once a week. I also polish my feet. 


  • Eyebrow waxing every 6 week. Tip: book your next appointment at the same day you get your brows done, then you will never loose track of time, and you don’t have to worry about if it is time to wax them. 
  • Haircut every 3-4 month: I have long and healthy hair, so I really don’t need a haircut that often. I usually just have my split ends cut off, but it gives you a nice fresh look. 
  • Footcare: I take care of my feet once a month. I use a foot file and keep them moisturized with a thick layer of foot cream and special bamboo socks that I sleep with at night. 

Do you have any tips from your beauty routine? Please share in the comment section!

Always remember:

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