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5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays

Vacation means relaxation, eating out, and in general eating and drinking the things we love. Furthermore, many of us tend to be more inactive than we normally are.

This combination of an unhealthy diet and minimum exercise often leads to weight gain during the holidays.

We tell ourselves, that it is okay because of the fact that we are on vacation. We make excuses!
But if you really think about it, it is ridiculous to throw away months of progress for the sake of 2 or 3 weeks of vacation.

Yet we still need to let go of our routines a little bit in order to relax and it definitely is a balance.

However, all your hard work doesn’t have to be in vain!

Here are 5 tips to stay healthy during the holidays:


You don’t have to workout every day, but try to at least get 2 workouts in a week. You will feel so much better about yourself, AND you will not loose all your progress. It will also be much easier to get back into your normal workout-routine, when the holiday comes to an end.

Get outside:

By getting outside and doing stuff you will naturally burn more calories than by just sitting around all day. Of course there should also be room for total relaxation, but keep in mind that a long walk can actually make a difference.

Don’t go all in on everything:

Try to be mindful og what you eat. Of course you should eat an ice cream ? or two or three but don’t necessarily buy the biggest one at the ice cream shop. Opt for fruit or healthy snacks if possible, but don’t make your vacation all about having to stick to a diet.

Skip a meal if you are not hungry:

When eating a big breakfast you are probably not that hungry at noon, so why not skip lunch and have an early dinner instead? This way you can save some calories for dessert.

Go easy on the alcohol:

For many people alcohol and vacation go well together ?
If you are anything like me you enjoy a nice glass of wine or a cocktail, but try to keep it at a minimum.
Tip: try substituting with sparkling water or diet soda with ice, a straw and even a fancy tiny umbrella to make it feel fancy ?

I hope these tips have inspired you to continue your healthy lifestyle during your vacation and not let yourself go completely!

What is your biggest challenge with staying healthy during the holidays?

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